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At GELA, our goal is to build a community of educators with a passion for teaching children and the ability to provide them with a safe and effective environment focused on fulfilling the purposed of Gifted.

Our Approach

Children thrive in an extraordinary environment with the right teachers and we only want the right educators for our students. We recruit and retain teachers who have an understanding of children development and their needs.  Our teachers are partners with parents on providing their child with everything they need to be successful lifelong learners.  

Our teachers are also continuous learners.  We provide our teachers with professional development opportunities and continuous support to grow as highly qualified educators.


Our GELA faculty is enthusiastically, nurturing individuals committed to providing our students with a happy and safe environment where they will thrive. 


Are you interested in joining the GELA team?  Please click here to email us your resume.

Qualifications for GELA employment

  • A minimum of one year experience working with children

  • Attained or currently pursuing a Child Development Associate Degree, Early Childhood Ancillary Certification, and/or Bachelor Degree in Education

  • Successful state Criminal Background Check

  • Qualities of Professionalism

  • Ability to Effectively Communicate

  • Acceptable References 

  • A desire to grow in the field of Early Childhood Education

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